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Dear Affiliate,

Graeme Biddle

Hi and thanks for showing interest in promoting my how to draw caricature products,
"Fun With Caricatures - By artist Graeme Biddle"

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This product sells really well when shoppers have been warmed up first to my unique style of drawing caricatures. Youtube videos lead most of my keen customers to the door and out through the checkout.

Go to Youtube and copy the embed code to your sites, blogs or wherever you promote learn to draw. Some of you may have old video code from Youtube, there was a mysterious and unexplained Youtube account removal, so I am in the process of reuploading the videos.


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Images To Use

You can right click and copy the image address of these graphics, best not to download or publish these yourself as I change them from time to time, to keep them fresh.

how to draw caricatures


how to draw caricatures


how to draw caricatures

how to draw caricatures























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Articles List Currently Aailable:

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To your success!


Artist, Graeme Biddle